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Most elections in SF are decided by a small fraction of the city's residents. Your vote could make a huge difference!

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Reasonable things to say in your company's random channel

Hey everyone, I just heard about Grow SF which put together a voter guide for tech workers who want to see the city build more housing, invest in small businesses and transportation, and more. Check it out at!

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Enter the warzone

Check out this voter guide shared by @GrowSF: Grow SF is an org started by some folks in tech who want to see the city invest more in housing, transporation, and businesses.

Voting in San Francisco is confusing, but so important. For voters in SF, how you vote on local races can affect your everyday life far more than who you select for President. To understand what's on your ballot, check out this voter guide:

You move fast, but San Francisco is slow! It’s impossible to build more housing or start a small business. But you can change this. Just a few votes in SF can make a huge difference. Check out this voter guide: to see how.

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